Our Story

Rito's was founded by Rosemary and Jose Salinas in June of 1977. Originally, Rito's was a small neighborhood market, at 14th Street and Garfield, next to the Salinas' family home but they quickly transformed into a takeout restaurant where you can still find some of the valley's most highly regarded burritos and tacos. Over the years, the Salinas Family has added locations with Rosemary's son, Richie, opening Rito's Burritos in Glendale and Rosemary's brother, Richard, bringing a Rito's to Surprise. In the past decade, Rosemary's daughter, Charlotte, has been passed the torch at both the Garfield and Surprise locations, and is now opening a location of her own at Crown on 7th.

Charlotte does all of this with the support of her husband, David; the dedicated help of her sister Cathy; sons Daniel, Matt and David Jr; daughters Candace, Frances and Vanessa; nieces Angelica and Danielle; long time kitchen staff, Cindy, Sylvia and Tina; and countless others. We appreciate all of the support from of our great employees and loyal customers over our 40 plus years of business that have made this possible.