Rito’s was founded by Rosemary and Jose Salinas in June of 1977. Originally, Rito’s was a small neighborhood market, at 14th Street and Garfield, next to the Salinas’ family home but they quickly transformed into a takeout restaurant where you can still find some of the valley’s most highly regarded burritos and tacos. Over the years, the Salinas Family has added locations with Rosemary’s son, Richie, opening Rito’s Burritos in Glendale and Rosemary’s brother, Richard, bringing a Rito’s to Surprise. In the past decade, Rosemary’s daughter, Charlotte, has been passed the torch at both the Garfield and Surprise locations, and is now opening a location of her own at Crown on 7th. Charlotte does all of this with the support of her husband, David; the dedicated help of her sister Cathy; sons Daniel, Matt and David Jr; daughters Candace, Frances and Vanessa; nieces Angelica and Danielle; long time kitchen staff, Cindy, Sylvia and Tina; and countless others. We appreciate all of the support from of our great employees and loyal customers over our 40 plus years of business that have made this possible.


Phoenix, AZ

What our
customers think!


Christina Ruiz | Oct 11th 2018
OMG!! BEST CHILE VERDE EVER!!! I'm so picky about chile verde, just couldn't find a place that i liked. I LITERALLY googled, "Best chile verde in Arizona" and Ritos came up. I saw the picture of the green chile burrito, and i dashed from CHANDLER, just to come and try the chile verde! Let me tell you... its WORTH the drive. Since then, i have brought, my kids. my parents, & my tios!! #LOVERITOS #BESTCHILEVERDE


Maria Garcia-Baunsgard | Aug 20th 2018
I've been going to Ritos since the 70s. First at the 14th street, now at the Glendale location. My favorite is the Red chili, Bean mixed. Sometimes i love it deep fried. My family has always loved coming here too. When my mother or sister come from California the first stop we make is Ritos!! Great people Great food!!!

David West | July 31st 2018
This place...Ritos...is Amazing. I have not tried something here that I didn't like.
There Green Chile Quesadillo OMG it is the BEST.
Enchiladas Tacos ALL Great.
But the best thing they make is Bean Burro Enchilada Style WOW !!!!!!!!!!
Been coming here since 1993 and will continue til they lay me to rest.
Thank You Ritos

Linda Navarre | May 20th 2017
If you want the real thing in Mexican food, Rito’s is your ticket. When people move away from Phoenix, it’s Ritos food that they miss the most. I’ve been eating Rito’s since the ‘80s and I can say that their food never changes, it is always top notch. You can depend on getting the crispiest tacos with the juiciest meat, the most perfectly spiced and blended enchilada sauce and, without contest, the best refried beans anywhere. I love that they still serve take-out of their excellent food from the same little house; they haven’y expanded at the sacrifice of their incredible good. You can smell Rito’s as soon as you’re on their street. It reaches out and grabs you. If you weren’t hungry before you got there, your appetite will open up at the aromas coming from their kitchen. Phoenix isn’t famous for very much of its cuisine, but Rito’s is the jewel in its culinary crown, and that’s for sure!

Meg Chandler | Apr 18th 2018
Our family has been going to Ritos since it opened in the 70's. It is the BEST Mexican Food around. We love the simplicity, you get in and out quickly. They haven't changed a thing, which is why it is so fabulous! Some of our family members have moved away and the first thing we want to do when coming home is go to Rito's, that is if Mom doesn't actually brought it to the airport! My sister actually stopped on her way out of town, picked up Rito's, drove to Salt Lake, and greeted us with food in hand. If you LOVE MEXICAN FOOD, you will not be disappointed. Once you experience the food, it becomes a necessity in your life....I'm not joking, my mouth is watering and I can smell the food as I type this!

Laura Anderson | Feb 7th 2018
A friend brought me to Rito’s today for lunch, it was my first time and it’s amazing! Best green chili burro i’ve had since moving to the valley. I live about 20 miles away and will definitely drive the distance to eat here again! Five Stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Joey & Tamara Sandoval | Oct 18th 2014

I was born and raised in the garfield neighborhood and I can proudly say that I’m one of the few that has been going there since they opened in June of 77 when I was 11. My wife Tamara is from Texas and she thinks it’s better than the Lone Star State’s Mexican Food. I personally know Cathy Salinas so I feel a close connection with Rito’s. Today I tried their guac tacos and rice for the first time and they were excellent. I finally tried something else other than the green chili burro enchilada style which is in my opinion the best. I like to get it mixed with beans. I would like to try the red chili someday soon. Keep on going Rito’s, don’t ever stop.